1. So who’s rockyhorrorpictureshowxx on Instagram? 

    Whoever you are.

    You’re a bellend.

    Can you not?


  2. timcurrysbooty:


    There is SO MUCH that needs to be said about this.

    And if I need to write it down for you then no.

  3. Lovingly borrowed from @SRamirezDaily 



  4. Anonymous said: what r the gifs from tim sitting outside that shack from? which interview?

    Lololol nice try anon.

    You little scamp, you.

  5. Tim Curry looking cute near some cake. 


  6. Anonymous said: i love you

    Of course you do! 

    Who doesn’t? 


  7. cursedbymusic said: u r so beautiful



  8. Anonymous said: Oh, well, so I can ask. Let me see... I am really curious where can I find or is it actually possible to have a little piece of pleasure to watch or hear a part from the Amadeus play, where Curry was? I mean the Broadway play, you know. Or was he in the London version too? Anyway, I would be glad to know more about this play, because the topic also one of my favourite. The film Amadeus (1984) was worthed my anticipation... So be just and fear not! I am ready to receive your answer ;)

    The video of Amadeus is held by an archive in NYC. Last I knew the tape was broken though and they still haven’t managed to fix it - although they assure me it *can* be fixed. 


    I know a couple of fans did bootleg the audio of the show at the time - but they’re yet to digitize their stuff or share it. 

    One day, anon, one day… 


  9. Anonymous said: hi tim so exited to see you my name is Arran and im 8 years old. can you please tell me what your faviroute movie in the making was. thank you bye.

    Hi Arran,

    I’m afraid this isn’t the real Tim Curry - just a fan page for him. These messages don’t get to Tim. 

    Why don’t you try writing him a letter and sending it to:

    Tim Curry
    Innovative Artists L.A.
    1505 10th Street
    Santa Monica, CA

    I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!

    And omg can we just take a moment to digest the fact an 8 year old has been on this blog? No. NoOooOo.) 


  10. Anonymous said: This is a very strange and stupid question but omg in the deleted "Once In A While" scene, is that even really Tim sleeping on the bed behind Brad? Just because JESUS he's so peaceful and still, he looks like a mannequin. He really does almost look fake, that's the only reason I'm asking this half serious/half not really serious question. He looks like a beautiful Tim Curry mannequin


    They barely had any money at all. Do you seriously think they would and could have spent a penny on making a TC mannequin when they could just click at him and say ‘bitch, lay there…’ …. ? 

    So. Basically. Yes. Tim Curry is so ridiculously and achingly perfect he looks unreal. Truth.