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  3. Anonymous said: Ooooh! do you happen to have the video of him sitting in front of that shed talking about how he thinks of himself as an animator? I've never seen that and I'd love to!

    I have an inbox full of about a million asks asking me for quite specific stuff and they’re all on anon. 

    If you would like something. Ask me with your name. I don’t like this new game of ‘let’s ask DTCWYSD for pretty rare shizzle safely veiled behind anonymity.’ 


    Bored now. 

    Not cool. 

    Plus. Perhaps you should ask the person who made the gifs - it’s kinda insulting to side step them and come straight to me. 

    NO OFFENCE TO THIS ANON THOUGH. You were just at the top. 

    Peace. x

  4. Backstage after Me & My Girl 1989 


  5. Anonymous said: I just wanted to thank you for having this blog. Not to get sappy, but it gets me through the days a lot with all the lovely rare Timmy tidbits. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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  7. timcurrysbooty:

    Tim Curry talking about not seeing his acting and singing ventures as entirely separate to one another.

    In what looks like someone’s shed. With a perm. Whilst looking like he’s been up to ‘activities’ other than sleep.

  8. timcurrysbooty:

    This is a gif set of Tim’s beautiful back with water droplets running down it.

    I’ll spare you the inappropriate comments.


  9. Anonymous said: Answers to the questions are so stupid. No exact answer. Mysterious weather. Share nice but no answers

    You did what to a fish? 


  10. sparrowtail said: Hey what's up. Don't mean to be a bother but I'm a little unclear on what the page is. There is probably a post about it somewhere and I'm just too much of a dolt to find it haha. Perhaps you could shed some light about who you are and what the page is about (other than Tim curry)

    Hey :) 

    Not a bother at all - but I am a tad unclear as to what your question actually is? 

    This page is a Tim Curry blog. That’s what it’s about. Tim Curry. His face and other body parts alongside silly speculation, gossip, facts, info and shizzle and ting. Nothing more nothing less. 

    I am a fan of Mr Curry and have been so for the past 10 years or so. For the purpose of this blog - that’s about all you need to know about me.

    I am very dull, you see. 

    Is Tumblr really such a kingdom of self-absorption that a blog merely focusing on the thing the title suggests is such a mystifying concept?