1. Anonymous said: Are Annie and tim still friends? (More than friends ;) after over the top what happened to their friendship like seriously they used to be the bestest of friends?

    I heard they actually murdered each other after episode four of OTT due to the sheer intensity of their unrequited love for one another and thus all the subsequent episodes and their own lives ever since have been played out by various - highly convincing - body doubles. 

    True story. 

    (Ps - I’m not entirely sure. I hope so. Annie has mentioned him since. He hasn’t really mentioned her. Sigh) 


  2. bowieenthusiast said: can I just put down in words how happy thid blog has made me?♡ you are a great individual. Dont ever give that up bc of anons love. I adore tim and I absolutely love this pagebae. I was wondering if you had any links to when tim was on snl? :) Pwease

    Well. How NICE! 

    I have been very lucky and I’ve never had any truly nasty anons. I’ve had some wonderfully bizarre ones - but never out and out hate - so it’s all gravy.

    You can watch his monologue/RH Shop sketch in beautiful quality on SNL’s official YouTube channel - have you seen those?

    Otherwise the other stuff just gets deleted if posted :( 

    Thankk you forrr beeeinngg loveeely :) 


  3. Anonymous said: Was there a RHPS reference in What about Dick? I think on the behind the scenes thingy with either Russell Brand or Tim Curry it mentions it. I never happened to catch the reference on the video I saw of the show. Did you? What was it?


    They shout ‘GREAT SCOTT!’ which could be a RHPS reference. Or indeed it could be ‘GREAT SCOT!’ in which case it is a Billy Connolly reference and a RHPS reference handily combined. 

    And I guess he mentions drag a lot. 




  4. Anonymous said: Oh, absolutely. I'm thankful he's still around to do anything at all. I just have never had a chance to see anything he has done/been in live and I would hate to think I'll never be able to again :(

    Fingers crossed he does something again :) 

    Everything crossed. 

    And that. 


  5. Anonymous said: I could kick myself for missing An Evening with Tim Curry. Do you think that's his most likely last public performance? Do you know if there's anything else lined up? I don't even care where it is, I'd go if something like that were to happen again.

    There is currently nothing lined up and I have no news to report. That’s not to say there won’t be things in the future - but that’s not to say there will be. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that one day soon we wake up and hear some good news.

    I know it’s sort of redundant for me to say it but I’ll say it anyways - the fact he did Cinefamily at ALL - that he’s like ya know - alive - is such a fucking miracle that I can’t even process the thought he might go on to do more things. But I hope he does. 

    I will of course keep people updated with any new events/mentions/info. 


  6. Anonymous said: i can't remember where i either read/heard this interview, but do you know where i can find the one where tim refers to going to therapy following his tour with me and my girl?

    "Curry cut three rock albums in the early ’80s, and did the long U.S. tour of "Me and My Girl" ("I enjoyed it the first six months," he said. "By the end of the tour I was actually in the shrink’s office.") But Curry seems rooted in an earlier tradition, that of the English music hall performer, the classic entertainer of multi-talents."

    - Los Angeles Times
    December 6, 1992

    Although…just to point out….I am almost certain he is being facetious when he makes this comment. I don’t for one second think he was actually attending therapy of any kind and if he was/has - I very much doubt he’d mention it quite so flippantly. 



  7. Anonymous said: My best friend is a huge tim curry fan and she constantly tells me my brother looks a lot like tim curry with curly hair and his nose I wanna send you a photo of him to show you

    Go for it :) 



  8. Anonymous said: I wonder who Tim was traveling with in that airport. Did you happen to ask her for follow up info?


    He kinda looks alone. Or like his companion is handily hidden behind a pillar at any given moment. 

    But just for you anon, just for you, I’ve asked her… 

    BUT IT’S A REAL OLD BLOG. Sooooo. Don’t hold your breath. 

    "He was totally alone. He was looking pretty beat—longish hair, biggish belly, plain old red suitcases. It was just the one and only T. Curry all by himself returning from a mystery trip to Puerto Vallarta. :) Man I wish selfies were a thing back then. I would have taken a million and tried to get him in the background."



  9. Anonymous said: Can you just imagine tim taking a selfie lol