2. Happy Birthday and lots of love to Tim Curry,

    19th April 1946  

    This needs 1946 notes.


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  3. damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting:

    Hello. My name’s Tim Curry and I’m here to ruin your life. 


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    You’re my hero. Thank you. 

    I love the double take of the Scottish Tart. ‘Oh there’s someone next to me…OH HELLO…’

    Total pussy hound. 

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  5. nogush asked: i thought tim has a degree in being a sex god. or is that his third degree?

    Oh I forgot about that one.

    He obtained a first in that. 

    He didn’t need to put in much effort to achieve success in that subject. It came quite naturally. He also did lots and lots and lots of practical projects for which he gained top marks. 

    *thumbs up* 


  6. Anonymous asked: I just read a post with 'facts' about RHPS and one of them was that Tim did his own Frank makeup because Pierre La Roche took too long. Is this correct because it sounds a little hard to believe that they would allow him to do his own makeup for the movie:/

    As with most of these RHPS ‘facts’ it’s one of those random things that has popped up over the years with no source whatsoever. Then it keeps getting repeated and it kind of locks in. 

    But this is utter bullshit, yuuup.

    Sure - maybe he slapped on his foundation to help get the ball rolling - but his eye makeup/lips etc - will have been done by a make-up artist to ensure they were symmetrical and accurate enough for continuity. If you look at his stage make-up (which he did do himself) - you will see he wouldn’t have had the skill to do his own makeup to that level. 

    Nor would he have wanted to. 

    He’d be hung over and livid and it’d be 6am and he’d just sit back and let them get on with it. He’s not gonna start bouncing up and down saying ‘ooo I’ll do it I’ll do it!’. I doubt he lifted a single fucking finger. 



  7. Anonymous asked: What college degree does Tim have?

    He has a BA in English & Drama. 

    He got a third. 

    That’s the worst you can get.

    Coz he didn’t do any work. 

    *thumbs up*



  8. Anonymous asked: lol ur blog doe just fills me with so much joy

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  10. damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting:

    The way it looks like he grabs her thigh to hook it round him kills me. Like actually kills me.