1. damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting:

    "You better cherish that because it’s a farewell performance…"

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  2. Tim Curry wanking off a sword. 



  3. Anonymous said: What offensive stuff ? I dont have instagram.



    Seriously anon. It’s cool. Move on. 


  4. fab-and-sad-lol said: -- That you didnt like? I think you should think twice before posting about something something you dislike, because your words may hurt someone's feelings.

    She’s going around people’s tumblr pages and taking the photos and reposting them and then writing quite offensive things next to them. *thumbs up* 

    It probably will hurt her feelings, yes. Just like it hurts *my* feelings when I see her shit. She probably won’t see the message - unless she’s passing through to steal some shizzle. *waves*

    I don’t claim to be a particularly nice person but I always think twice  and then a third time. I don’t go around dishing it out to be a twat - I just say things how they are. *shrugs* 

    Sorry to have caused you offense and that x 


  5. fab-and-sad-lol said: Dont think this is anon hate, but the post you wrote about that girl's instagram (i assume its a girl) was really rude. Maybe that girl is one of your followers, and think how she may had felt. Why do you think she's bellend? What did u saw in that--


    Well it isn’t anon hate because you’re not on anon. So that’s a starrrrt. 


    She’s a bellend because she’s a bellend. 

    Some people are. 


  6. Anonymous said: He, have a home. but Rob purchase ?


    He’s actually been living in the fresh produce aisle of Gelson’s for the past 4 years. 

    So sad.

    Those bloody vampires. Wandering around Los Feliz and buying up all the houses people orginally sold several years before, before selling them on to people out of The Big Bang Theory. Who do they think they are?

    Makes me so cross. 

  7. Oh why hello there, diabolical waaaaaaaaaaaaarlord. 

    Aren’t you a pretty boy?

  8. damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting:




  9. Tim Curry and his briefcase. 

    (It’s full of knickers and sex toys)


  10. So who’s rockyhorrorpictureshowxx on Instagram? 

    Whoever you are.

    You’re a bellend.

    Can you not?