1. On the 16th of June 1973 The Rocky Horror Show began previews in the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London. They held their official, thunder ridden, opening night on the 19th of June 1973.

    2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of this incredible production and I want to share some Frankie love here on Tumblr in a tribute to ‘the man who began it’ - Dammit. Well one of them. The one who stormed that stage forty years ago with such style and perfection that we’re sitting here forty years later, still talking about that tiny little production which by rights should have disappeared into the zeitgeist after the originally intended three week run.

    So, Tumblr, can we get 4711 notes by 19th June? 

    If we do it. 

    I will post a rare - never before seen - photo from the original Theatre Upstairs production.

     Well. How nice. 

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    I met my husband in a RHPS shadow cast. It was a second family.
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