1. I was just going through some old photos and I came across these. For some insane reason I’d almost forgotten they existed and finding them made my heart so happy I decided I had to share them on here. 

    These photos were taken outside the Spamalot stage door in London on the 5th Dec 2006. I’d heard Tim didn’t own a copy of his ‘The Best Of…’ CD - So I asked him if he’d like mine. In the first picture you can see the look of surprise/joy on his face as I hand it to him and ask if he’d like it. In the second photo he’s looking at me as I thank him for making my birthday (coz like - it was my birthday and everything) the bestest one ever. 

    The utter realness of his expression in each picture shows just what a genuinely lovely guy he is and I wanted y’all to see. 

    That is all.

    As you were.


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